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Bicycle tyres: brands & manufacturers at a glance

There are a wide range of bicycle tyre manufacturers based all over the world – many of the well-known traditional companies originally began production in Germany. Some of these grew into international corporations, while others, even today, still offer a moderate product range. These have been joined by numerous specialist manufacturers and small companies that manufacture tyres and bicycle tyres. The vast selection has its advantages and disadvantages: on the one hand, specific requirements can be taken into account when selecting a tyre manufacturer, while on the other hand, the huge selection makes it difficult to reach a quick decision.

When choosing tyres, and therefore also the bicycle tyre manufacturer, cyclists must first and foremost consider what kind of bike rides they want to undertake with the tyres in question. Depending on the situation, different types of tyres may be suitable and no manufacturer has the right tyre for everyone in its range. There is no universal tyre – your own riding style, the terrain etc. will ultimately determine which bicycle tyre is right for you.

Tradition and innovation combined

Continental has been manufacturing bicycle tyres to meet high requirements for 100 years. The tyres from the Hanover-based manufacturer are still produced in Germany. Although the company can look back on a long history, Continental utilises innovation and the latest technologies in the development of its tyres. The tyres are continuously improved and adjusted to meet new requirements, for instance, by means of new rubber blends or special tread compounds. In addition, the manufacture also focuses on safety and puncture prevention: the bicycle tyres from continental are considered particularly robust, as seen in the Pro Trection models, for example.

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Continental bicycle tyres

Continuous improvement thanks to athlete feedback

The manufacturer can look back on ten decades of experience in the field of bicycle tyres, and works tirelessly to improve its own products. To this end, the manufacturer relies on competent teams – Kenda Tyres is required to satisfy expert requirements. Professional athletes, scientists, and engineers come together to develop innovative bicycle tyres and technologies. The tyre manufacturer really values the feedback it receives from its own customers. The final result is a range of new tyre models and established classics, offering tyres to suit every taste and every requirement – from clincher tyres to tubeless-ready tyres.

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Kenda bicycle tyres

Affordable tyres for everyday use

Among other assets, manufacturing company Kujo impresses with great value for money. The quality is nonetheless high. Those who are not continually on two wheels, and have no particular requirements with regard to technology, will find in Kujo a great all-rounder.

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Kujo bicycle tyres

High-performance tyres for every area of use

Tyre manufacturer MAXXIS has been developing and producing tyres since 1967. Over the years, the range of tyres has been expanded to cater to numerous other vehicles. However, this has not resulted in the bicycle tyres being placed on the back burner, as even today they remain an important part of the MAXXIS product portfolio. The MAXXIS plants produce more than 50 million tyres per year – with the tyres supplied to more than 170 different countries. In the tyre manufacturer's development centre, engineers work to improve the MAXXIS tyres, to expand the product range, and to set new benchmarks for the future. At the end of the development process, comprehensive tests are conducted. MAXXIS also relies on the competence of professional cyclists, and has the tyres tested by racers.

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Maxxis bicycle tyres

An expert in tyre production

Michelin has been developing tyres for more than 1§30 years, and in 1891 developed the detachable bicycle tyre – a pioneering step in the development of future tyres. To this day, the French manufacturer has never let up when it comes to innovation. In a total of four trial centres and one test centre, the manufacturer analyses and tests its new products and improves those that are already established on the market. The selection may well be smaller than that offered by other manufacturers, however, the result here is that each tyre is optimised for its intended purpose. This bicycle tyre manufacturer places particular value on the durability of its own-brand tyres, not least with a view to protecting the environment and fulfilling its own requirements regarding sustainability.

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MICHELIN Fahrradreifen

Bicycle tyres with cult status

Manufacturer, Schwalbe, has been producing tyres since 1973 – with the highest of quality requirements. Making the best even better? For Schwalbe, this goes without saying. The manufacturer has an eye for innovation, and is continually re-thinking its own technologies and products. Schwalbe tyres is responsible for popular models such as the "Hans Dampf", not least on account of the memorable product names. Added to this is a large selection of bicycle tyres for the most varied of requirements: mountainbike tyres, cross bike tyres, or tyres for that everyday bike in your basement – with Schwalbe, every cyclicst is sure to find suitable tyres. The manufacturer also offers a range of special tyres – high-end tyres, so to speak.

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Schwalbe bicycle tyres

OEM supplier to numerous bicycle manufacturers

The VEE Tire Co., founded in 2013, is optimally positioned to meet cyclists' individual requirements. With more than forty years of experience in the manufacture of bicycle tyres, parent company, VEE Rubber Ltd, has a long-standing tradition and history.

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Vee bicycle tyres

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