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Continental tyres

Continental - Germany's largest tyre manufacturer


Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for the sustainable and networked mobility of people and goods. The technology company, which was founded in 1871, offers secure, efficient, intelligent, and affordable solutions for vehicles, machinery, traffic, and transport. Continental tyres are the first choice among original equipment manufacturers. Almost one third of all new European cars are currently supplied with premium tyres from Continental.

Continental tyres benefit from 150 years of experience and German technology. During product development, safety and efficiency are always of the utmost priority, with no room for compromises. As a result, Continental have been receiving top marks in independent tests for years.

Seasonal tyres from Continental

Fact check

Original equipment

Continental is one of the leading car tyre manufacturers in Europe. In order to be approved as Original Equipment (OE), Continental tyres are required to fulfil the highest of requirements.

Test victory

The unrelenting focus on each individual safety and performance aspect is continually being confirmed through independent tests. Within the scope of these tests, Continental tyres regularly receive very good recommendations and evaluations.

SportContact 7

German engineering skill, for pure driving pleasure – Continental products such as the SportContact 7 set themselves apart with exceptional braking behaviour and impressive performance. In the 2022 summer tyre test, Sport Auto magazine awarded an "exceptional" rating for the first time.

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