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Meisterwerk rims

Meisterwerk rims

Premium brand, Meisterwerk, belongs to the German company NB Performance GmbH, which created the brand in 2017.

High quality and sophisticated design define the rims from Meisterwerk.

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  • Meisterwerk MW16 8 X 18 ET35 15324267
    Meisterwerk MW16
    glossy black
    Rim width
    8 x 18
    Offset (ET)
    Bolt circle
    5 x 112
    164.39 €

Masterpieces with passion

Meisterwerk is a young and up-and-coming manufacturer of premium alloy wheels from Germany. The company has a reputation for producing high quality, durable wheels that meet the demands of today's high performance vehicles.

As part of NB Performance GmbH, the company has a wealth of expertise in the production, design and distribution of alloy wheels. Meisterwerk stands for passion and unique creations with a special eye for detail. Coupled with the high quality, every car enthusiast gets his money's worth and is served with a wide selection of wheel models.

Product range

Three of Meisterwerk's most popular rim models are the MW02, MW08 and MW14. The Meisterwerk MW02 rim is a classic five-spoke design that is both stylish and functional. The rim has a deep concave profile that gives it a unique and aggressive look while improving brake clearance for better performance. The Meisterwerk MW08 rim is another popular rim model designed for high-performance vehicles. This rim features a split spoke design that improves airflow to the brakes for enhanced performance and safety. The MW08 is a popular choice with racing professionals and car enthusiasts looking to enhance the performance and style of their vehicle. The Meisterwerk MW14 rim is a bold and aggressive rim designed for high performance sports cars. This rim features a deep concave profile and a muscular, angular design that gives it a unique and eye-catching look. The MW14 is a popular choice for car enthusiasts who want to make a striking statement with their rims.

In addition to the popular rim models, Meisterwerk also offers a range of custom finishes and colours that allow customers to create truly unique and individual rims for their vehicles. In our shop you will find all models in different colours, such as black, grey and silver, and in sizes from 18 to 21 inches.

Meisterwerk rims

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