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For more than 111 years, Semperit has stood for high performance. You can trust in their quality - all year round, in any region, in the most difficult of situations, and in the most adverse of conditions. For the term Semperit is derived from the Latin phrase "semper it", which more or less means "it always goes".

In order to guarantee that this promise is fulfilled, Semperit continually measures itself against its customers' requirements, and is continually developing, without forgetting its roots in the process. This is something that the athletes belonging to the German Ski Association also appreciate; driving safely to World Cup competitions on tried and tested Semperit tyres.

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Tested in Alpine conditions

For more than 111 years, Semperit has stood for tried and tested performance. The quality is something you can rely on - all year round, in all regions, and in all road conditions.


The DSV also trusts in the quality of Semperit. The brand is the official tyre partner to the German Ski Association (Deutscher Skiverband, DSV), and the German national skiing teams. Since December 2017, the DSV team buses have been equipped with Semperit tyres.

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